Large animal.

Lost in BlueEdit

Found walking around in the grasslands. Rare. To kill, you must set up a Large Trap. Wait for it to be caught, then shoot it using a bow and arrow. Makes meat.

"Large animal found in the grassland. It eats roots and bugs by digging in the ground. It has a lot of stamina and is hard to bring down. Be careful." (Scrapbook)

Lost in Blue 2Edit

Can be found walking around the jungle or in the grasslands north of the jungle. You can kill one by ruining up to one and shoot it. It will charge at you and you can finish it using you fists, a spear, or a bow and arrow.

"Large animal found in the grasslands. It digs in the dirt searching for roots and bugs to live on. It's very strong and hard to bring down. A boar can be dangerous if you're not careful." (Picture Book)