Carp from Lost in Blue.

Carp is a seafood item in the Lost in Blue series.

Lost in BlueEdit

Uncommon fish found in the river.

"This fish lives in slow moving freshwater. Need to remove all traces of soil otherwise it smells like mud. Should boil when cooking." -Scrapbook

Lost in Blue 2Edit

Found in the middle of the water in the ruins. The tide must me low.

"Lives in calm fresh waters with little or no current. Need to clean off the mud or it smells funky. Should taste good boiled." -Picture Book

Lost in Blue 3Edit

Called "White Carp", these fish can be found in the abandoned lab facility in the underground water cavern.

"This freshwater fish is relatively easy to catch. It's flat and has little meat. Probably not enough to make a meal." -Album
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