coconut crab

Coconut Crab is an animal in the Lost in Blue series.

Lost in BlueEdit

Found on the shores by tapping the touch screen while on the sand. 1 in 10 chance of finding one. Can either be found the day or the night.

"A crab with big claws that lives in tropical areas. Break the hard shell to eat the crab meat. It's delicious!!!" (Scrapbook)

Lost in Blue 2Edit

Located on any of the beaches. You can search for one by touching the touch screen while standing on the sand. If you see one, grab it.

"A crab with big pincers which lives around the mangrove. Break its hard shell to eat the meat. It's delicious!!!" (Picture Book)

Lost in Blue 3Edit

Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked!Edit

Appears sometimes on the screen when digging earth piles at the Western Beach. You need just to pick it up and put it in your bag.

  • Dried: Can't be dried.
  • Smoked: Can't be smoked.
  • Prepared: Can't be prepared.
  • Roasted: (+6% hunger) for each character.
  • Steamed: (+37% thirst +7% hunger) for each character.
"A relative of the hermit crab, this creature has powerful claws. It tastes great steamed." (Note Book)
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