This is the possible endings in Lost in Blue 3.



Requirements Location Fear Cured
Storyline Eric, Claire Medicine Secret Base None
Radio All Portable Radio, Broken Radio Cape Area, then 1st Beach None
Dolphin Claire Befriend Dolphin Beach Water
Dinghy Eric Survive for ~42 days Secret Base None
Plane Kumiko Repair plane, Vaccine Plane Crash Field Lightning
HAM Radio James Restore power to the facility Cherry Blossom Field Heights
Raft Eric, James Build Raft, Sea Map Treehouse Zone None
Stay on the Island All Survive for 365 days Anywhere None

The Dinghy ending must be done between 10 am and 3 pm, or else a unique ending will play where Eric is not rescued.

The 365 day ending is made easier by staying in the treehouse.

The Radio ending is likely one of the trickiest endings; as Sam or Kumiko, you must fish up the broken radio from the aboveground lake. You must stand on the center island and face upwards while fishing. If you are playing as Claire or James, you can get the broken radio by sending Sam or Kumiko out to gather food. The broken radio will have a frequency entered in already that can be viewed in the album. You must travel to the northern part of the Cape Area, dial in the frequency, and wait. The boat will arrive a week after you contact them. They arrive slightly faster if you tell them there is a bamboo grove on the island.

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