A home base is where you and your partners live throughout the game. You can do many things inside.

General UsesEdit

  • Cooking Meals
  • Building Furniture
  • Storing Items on Shelves
  • Creating Ropes and Baksets
  • Sleeping

Different Types of BasesEdit

The cave is always your staring base in every Lost in Blue game. It comes with a basic bed and shelf, and a cooking and building area and a fire. A special cave can be found in the first Lost in Blue on the northern side of the caldera. It has no cooking or building area, just bedding and a fire.
The option to build a treehouse appears in Lost in Blue 2 and 3. The treehouse takes 7 steps to build and uses 25 logs, 25 ropes and 10 leaves to build. When finished it comes with the same aminites as the the cave.
Secret Base:
In Lost in Blue 3, the players can use a break room in the secret base. It comes with all the furniture fully upgraded plus a kitchen. It is the best base to use as it comes with everything and you can use the nearby hatch systems to get around.


  • Beds - Restores Engergy - Upgrades lower water and food loss
  • Shelves - Hold Items - Upgrades provide more space
  • Table and Chairs - Used to build ropes and baskets - Upgrades lower building times
  • Oil Barrel - Holds Water
  • Oil Barrel Bath - Restores Stamina
  • Jerkey Shelf - Creates Jerkey


Lost in Blue:

  • Beach 1
  • Northern Bank of Caldera

Lost in Blue 2:

  • Beach 1
  • Grassland 2
  • Lake

Lost in Blue 3:

  • Beach 1
  • Quarry
  • Secret Base
  • Beach past Gas Field