Hunting is the primary means of getting meat in Lost in Blue. To hunt in the handheld versions, you need a bow and some arrows. Select to equip the bow, and then when you use it you will see an alternate screen (supposed to represent the character's point of view) of the area you are in. Any animals that are nearby will be visible. Small animals such as pigeons, ducks, chickens, raccoons, etc., can be taken down by one shot. Larger animals such as deer or goats must be trapped by a Large Trap first, because they take multiple shots. If you shoot a large animal that is not trapped, it will run away.

In Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked! you can hunt any animal with a spear, Knife, or other weapon. Approach the animal slowly (with the item equipped) and attack the animal repeatedly. If you approach deer or goats too quickly, they will run away. Boars, Giant Lizards, and Wolves will attack you, so dodge their attacks and hit them as many times as you can.

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