Lost in Blue is a survival game developed and published by Konami for Nintendo DS in 2005. It is a continuation of the Survival Kids series. The game features two teenagers, Keith and Skye, who are washed up on a deserted island after the cruise ship they were on sinks.



During a storm, a cruise ship sinks. Two survivors, Keith and Skye, wash up on a deserted island. Keith is forced to stay on a small area of the island and learns how to survive through the night.

The next day, he crosses the river and finds Skye by a lifeboat looking for her glasses. Keith accidently steps on her glasses and helps her back to his cave.

Over the next few days, Keith explores and goes further and further into the island. After building a raft and crossing a Caldera, Keith finds an ancient ruin. He works his way room to room, completing puzzles. After emerging from the ruins, he finds more people on the island who are part of a hostile smuggling operation.

As he sneaks into their secret base over the next few nights, he soon discovers multiple ways to escape the island. They must stay alive by either eating or having planted crops.

Possible EndingsEdit

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