Brown Mushroom from Lost in Blue.

Mushroom is a common food item found in the Lost in Blue series.


Mushrooms are a common food item found in all Lost in Blue games. In the three DS titles, they all give you +3% hunger when eaten raw, and 5% hunger in Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked!. They can also be cooked in various dishes, but beware: Some are poisonous. When you start a game, the safe and poisonous mushrooms are randomly attributed to it. The colors are blue, white, black, yellow, purple, brown, orange and red. Four mushroom types are "safe" and four are poisonous. You have to try them all to find out which ones you can eat. One of the safe mushrooms gives you unlimited stamina for a limited time and one poisonous mushroom makes you drowsy and fall asleep wherever you are.

While the hunger is recovered instantly, The effects of a mushroom however, are not instantaneous, but rather have a short delay of up to about three hours in-game, so when you're mapping out which ones you can eat, eat one and wait for about 6 hours. if there's no effect, it's safe to eat all mushrooms of that color.

It is also important to note that your partner and the people of your surrounding will have the same Mushroom effects as you if you make them eat it. This can be very helpful in some cases.

Kind of MushroomsEdit

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