A raft is made from Rope and logs. It can be used to access places across areas of water. One such example is in the Jungle River on Little Xanandu.

Lost in BlueEdit

A raft can be built to cross the lake located at the top of the volcano. This allows access to much more of the island. Made with logs and tree vines.

"A simple raft made from logs and vines found in the jungle. Should be able to cross a tranquil lake with this." -Scrapbook

Lost in Blue 2Edit

There are two rafts that can be built in this game. The first helps you cross the lake and the second can be used to leave the island.


"If I build a raft with some logs and rope, I'll be able to cross the lake on it!" -Picture Book

Raft 2:

"If I build a sturdy raft that is stronger than the last one, with some logs and rope, I'll be able to cross the ocean on it!" -Picture Book

Lost in Blue 3 Edit

A raft can be built to traverse the wide Jungle River on Little Xanadu. Rowing up the river allows access to the Bat Cave, and from there to the lake and the abandoned lab facility. Requires two people to pilot.

"A raft for traveling along the rivers and streams on the island." -Album