Specie Human
Gender Female
Appearance Lost in Blue

Skye is the female companion in Lost in Blue.

Character BiographyEdit

She is a talented writer who is nearsighted. In Keith's story mode, she washes ashore in the middle of the night on her liferaft. Keith finds her that morning and the two meet for the first time. Skye is unharmed but lost her glasses. Keith accidently steps on them when he tries to help her and she becomes dependant on him for guidence around the island.

She helps by cooking, making ropes, baskets, jerky, taking care of any animal that Keith might bring home, and keeping the fire going. On occasion Keith brings her along when there are areas that he cannot traverse by himself. In Skye mode, she is able to move about the island without assistance but is unable to climb as Keith can, or cross the river. Which greatly limits her travel range.

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