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A stick is one of the more useful items in Lost in Blue. It has a variety of uses.
Wood Stick

Wood stick from Lost in Blue.

 They can usually be found by searching near trees or by selecting trees (tapping them with the stylus) and shaking the tree's trunk.

Uses: Edit

Can be Sharpened into a spear. 

Can be Combined with a Tree Vine and a Sharp Stone to form a Fishing Pole

Can be Combined with a Tree Vine to make a Bow

Can be Combined with a Sharp Stone or Sharp Bone to create a better Spear than just Sharpening a Stick or peice of Bamboo.

Can be Combined with a chunk of Lard to create a Torch.

It is just a waste to be used as Firewood, though. It cannot be burned.

Lost in Blue 3 Edit

Sticks can be found lying on the ground near trees. They may fall from a tree when its trunk is shaken.

"A sturdy, wooden stick. Very useful material for creating tools, would be a waste to burn. Can be found near trees." -Album

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